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Pure Potions Perfumes

Natural. Gorgeous. Magickal.

Pure Potions is a line of all-natural, essential oil based perfumes. We use only the highest quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. But we’re not just any perfume. Each scent is named after a magickal being. We blend oils that smell great together, naturally! But the oils are also carefully selected because they connect us to the essence of each magickal being.

 We’re on a mission to bring magick and a higher state of consciousness to the world. Through perfume you might ask? Why yes!

 “Through smells, you can open up to energies and worlds otherwise inaccessible.”
- Ted Andrews

Our Magick


Scents can help us connect us with our psychic abilities. Essential oils are the purest, most concentrated form of the plant, so their healing and magickal properties are magnified. When plants are used with respect and in alignment with the will of the plant spirit, they can help us heal and connect to qualities we seek. 

 Each perfume comes with a mantra that helps you connect with the essence of each magickal creature. These mantras are meant to be used in meditation in combination with the scents. Just as the essential oil distills the pure essence of the plant, so do the mantras distill the pure essence of each being and their wisdom.

Our Mission

2020 begins a new decade of critical choices humans have to make together. We are entering a new paradigm. We have to shift to sustainability and world peace if we are to survive as a species. World peace means we have to be at peace with ourselves, with each other, with our ecosystems, and the other beings we share the planet with. Humans need to shift to a higher state of consciousness to make this a reality.

The magickal beings are already at this higher state of consciousness needed for the new paradigm. Through connecting with them, we can help guide our daily actions. They can help us understand what part we have to play in creating world peace. They have lessons and wisdom to share. It may sound counterintuitive, but these magickal beings can actually teach us how to be more human! They are eager to share with those who will listen. Are you ready?

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