A Message from the Elves!

A message from elves

On occasion, I will be posting messages I receive from the magickal creatures that they would like to share with humanity. Today’s message is from the Elves. I asked them to share a message that is relevant for humanity right now. They want us to know that all societies across the universe that are spiritually advanced are also advanced in science, technology and medicine.

Having these advances serves as a platform for people to live their highest purpose and seek high spiritual knowledge. They do not want us to fear these things. They want us to shift any energies we are using to resist these advances towards intentions that they serve the greater good. Do not halt progress with your fear. That is stopping the progression of humankind. So instead use your prayer, meditation, thoughts, and actions to align them with the best outcome for humanity. Move from resistance to shifting and elevating!

They also want us to know that many of the ways we use technology and science today are not sustainable. We need to shift away from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. We need to shift the motivations for creating advances in science and medicine away from greed and into service. Humans should direct our energies for technology, science and medicine from the heart chakra. I hope you enjoyed this message from the elves. I encourage you to meditate on it and see what comes up for you personally. How can you help humanity have a more balanced and positive relationship with science, technology and medicine?

In love and light, Dawn

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