About Us

How Pure Potions Began

Creating Pure Potions was part practicality, part higher purpose. Dawn had a hard time finding natural perfumes that inspired her. Dawn wanted to create a perfume line that was inspired and had complexity and depth. These are unique blends of 100% therapeutic grade essential oil. 

For years, Dawn has been using meditation techniques from the lineage of King Salomon to connect with magickal beings. They helped provide guidance, encouragement, and kinship to her personally. With her steadfast connection, they asked her to do more. They asked her to share their story with others. She decided to create a perfume line that captures the essence of magickal beings, as a reminder to us humans of our bond with all.  

These creatures once lived in harmony alongside humans, as allies, fighting for the greater good of all. It was us humans who broke our bond of trust with them, showing them off as carnival spectacles and worse. So, they retreated, where their ways were forgotten and denied for centuries. Their essence was kept alive only in fairy tales, dismissed as fantasy for children. Now they are beginning to emerge again, first as myth or in movies and books. The creatures of mythology are real. They have encouraged me to share their true story. They want to help humanity during one of the most critical times in history. They have wisdom to share with those who are willing to listen. Are you ready?

About the Creator, Dawn Ressel

I’m a metaphysical healer and meditation coach. I operate my healing business, Aurora Love, in San Diego, California. I’m a certified healer by the Modern Mystery School, initiated in the lineage of King Salomon. I’m also an initiated Celtic Shaman.  

My connection with the magickal creatures strengthened after I visited the incredible, magickal town of Glastonbury, England. There they started to show themselves to me in this dimension. I now communicate with them regularly through meditation, which is where I get the inspiration for Pure Potions.

“Every race has its holy centres, places where the Veil is thinnest. These places were developed by the wisdom of the past, until a powerful spiritual atmosphere was engendered there and consciousness could easily open to the subtler planes where the Messengers of the Gods came to meet it.”
Dion Fortune, Glastonbury