Elf Perfume

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Woodsy and earthy with floral tones.  10ml essential oil roll-on perfume.

The top note of pine evokes the connection that elves have with their environment. The middle notes of lavender, geranium, palmarosa and rose gently calm the mind, allowing the shift into our heart center. The base note of vetiver reminds us that elves have a deep connection and symbiotic relationship with the Earth.


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About Elves

The family unit is very important to elves. They also have a strong sense of community. They regularly participate in community celebrations and gatherings. Elves are very intellectual. However, they balance their intellect with their emotions and spirit. Elves seek the truth in both faith and science.

Elf Mantra

“I protect those I love with grace and strength.”
The elf oil comes with this mantra. Say the mantra aloud to connect with elves when using the oil. The mantra helps in understanding the essence of the elves and how we can embody their qualities. 

What They Can Teach Us

Elves want humans to reconnect with community. In our cities, we have lost touch with what it means to be a part of a thriving community that is connected and shares responsibility for helping each other. Maintain a clean and orderly home and you may sense their presence. Elves also encourage us to connect more with animals. They invite us to watch their patterns, honor their wishes, and understand what they are trying to tell us. Elves want us to use the natural resources like wind and solar power. They want us to leverage the natural properties that Mother Gaia provides us in ways that do not cause destruction.

Original artwork created by Alicia Picard


Jojoba oil (carrier), geranium oil, juniper oil, lavender oil, palmarosa oil, pine oil, rose oil, rosemary oil, vetiver oil.
Made with only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils

Magickal Properties
Geranium: Growth, creativity, protection, and strength.  |  Element: Water
Juniper: Abundance, growth, love, transformation.  |   Elements: Earth, Fire, Water
Lavender: Beauty, clarity of communication, love, purification..  |   Element: Air
Palmarosa: Clarity, centering, grounding..  |   Elements: Air, Water
Pine: Access to ancient wisdom, inspiration, peace..  |   Elements: Air, Earth, Fire
Rose: Beauty, devotion, love, passion, wisdom..  |   Elements: Air, Water
Rosemary: clearing negativity, emotional balance..  |   Elements: Air, Fire
Vetiver: Centering, emotional stability, grounding..  |   Elements: Earth, Fire, Water


1 review for Elf Perfume

  1. Manuel

    This is the first time that I have purchased from Pure Potions. I truly love the Elf perfume; it is a high quality blend!!! So much so that I choose to use it on a regular basis.

    Furthermore, the magickal attributes are spectacular. When working with it I feel supportive and joyful. I personally use it when working on tasks or when I have Sacred work that I want to get done. Thank you for the product 💚🙏🏽!

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