Sampler Set of 6 Perfumes

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This is a sampler set of 6 Pure Potions perfumes. Each bottle is 1ml size.

  • Dragon: Fiery, spicy, herbaceous blend with woody undertone.
  • Elf: Woodsy and earthy with floral tones.
  • Fairy: Fragrant floral with aromatic herbs.
  • Mermaid: Floral, fruity, and woodsy scents in balance.
  • Merman: Spicy, woodsy and deep like the ocean.
  • Unicorn: Ethereal floral and fruity blend. 10ml essential oil roll-on perfume.

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Set Information

This is the best way to experience all the magickal creatures and decide which ones you want to order in their full size. The sample size is 1ml or 10% the amount of the full size bottle.


Our products are made with only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

Dragon Ingredients
Jojoba oil, almond oil or sesame oil (carrier), basil oil, cardamom oil, cinnamon bark oil, clove oil, fennel oil, hyssop oil, lemon oil, sandalwood oil.

Elf Ingredients
Jojoba oil, almond oil or sesame oil (carrier), geranium oil, juniper oil, lavender oil, palmarosa oil, pine oil, rose oil, rosemary oil, vetiver oil.

Fairy Ingredients
Jojoba oil, almond oil or sesame oil  (carrier), bay oil, jasmine oil, lavender oil, rose oil, spearmint oil, thyme oil, ylang ylang oil.

Mermaid Ingredients
Jojoba oil, almond oil or sesame oil (carrier), bergamot oil, cedarwood oil, cypress oil, lime oil, peppermint oil, roman chamomile oil, ylang ylang oil.

Merman Ingredients
Jojoba oil, almond oil or sesame oil (carrier), bergamot oil, black pepper oil, cypress oil, frankincense oil, roman chamomile oil.

Unicorn Ingredients
Jojoba oil, almond oil or sesame oil (carrier), grapefruit oil, lavender oil, mandarin (green) oil, neroli oil, patchouli oil, peppermint oil.

2 reviews for Sampler Set of 6 Perfumes

  1. Kristie Teal (verified owner)

    What a great option to get to try them all to pick your favorite, the only problem is that my favorite changes daily. These perfumes are light, natural, fresh and make you smile. This sampler is the perfect way to choose your mood!

  2. Brianna

    I love these oil blends! I bought the sample pack to see which scent/magickal being I most connected with. I tried them all out in my morning meditation & yoga practices over the course of a week and continue to do so. Each day I’d research the magickal being & their mantra on the Pure Potions website. The mantra always fit into my practice and was what I needed to focus on. I believe this to be a magickal coincidence. I also enjoy simply wearing these scents and my personal favorite is the fairy. These fragrances are friendly reminders of the mantras throughout the day. If you’re unsure of which scents to get, get the sample pack!

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