Unicorn Perfume

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Ethereal floral and fruity blend. 10ml essential oil roll-on perfume.

Mandarin and grapefruit in the top notes give the light feeling of citrus. Lavender and neroli blend to create a beautiful floral aroma that reminds us of the purity of the unicorns. Peppermint brings in the transcendent qualities of the unicorn. The grounding yet enlightening qualities of patchouli help us stay connected to our human reality while seeking spiritual progression.


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About Unicorns

Unicorns are among the most mysterious and profound of the magickal creatures. They are so pure and spiritually advanced, it can be difficult for humans to understand them. Unicorns have mastered the fabric of the universe. Unicorns exist in a web of psychic thoughts and connections. Humans can connect to the gods and the universe through unicorns. They are the great intermediaries, connecting and purifying. Unicorns exist in the ether, in higher dimensions and realms. This may be why people commonly refer to things as being “as rare as a unicorn.” Though they are real, they are difficult to grasp, always seeming just out of reach.

Unicorn Mantra

“I am an empty vessel to receive divine wisdom.”
The unicorn oil comes with this mantra. Say the mantra aloud to connect with the unicorns when using the oil. The mantra helps in understanding the essence of unicorns and how we can embody their qualities.

What They Can Teach Us

Unicorns teach us about the interconnected nature of all things. They teach us about the power of our thoughts, because all thoughts are acted upon. Unicorns teach us about humility. If we humans approach the divine with humility and an empty cup, we can evolve beyond our current state, gaining wisdom and joy. Unicorns teach us to use our psychic powers to see beyond the obvious, to the inner workings of God and the universe.

Original artwork created by Alicia Picard


Jojoba oil (carrier), grapefruit oil, lavender oil, mandarin (green) oil, neroli oil, patchouli oil, peppermint oil.
Made with only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

Magickal Properties
Grapefruit: Inner child, inspiration, psychic powers, spirituality.  |   Elements: Air, Water
Lavender: Clarity of communication, love, psychic powers, purification.  |   Element: Air
Mandarin: Prosperity, spirituality, success, well-being.  |   Elements: Fire, Water
Neroli: Awareness, kindness, love, peace, psychic powers.  |   Elements: Air, Fire
Patchouli: Enlightening, grounding, growth, spirituality.  |   Elements: Air, Earth.
Peppermint: Creativity, focus, inspiration, psychic powers.  |   Elements: Air, Fire

1 review for Unicorn Perfume

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    Unicorn is absolutely amazing. It has a beautiful, light floral scent that lasts all day long. I will definitely be ordering this one again.

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