The Strong Case for Natural Perfumes

Did you know that most perfumes contain toxic chemicals, animal ingredients, and are tested on animals? I was shocked when I learned this. I wanted to create healthy and cruelty-free alternatives for people like me. That’s why our perfumes are made only with pure plant oils.

Most perfumes contain toxic chemicals such as parabens, ethanol, and even formaldehyde. The Environmental Working Group reports, “The average fragrance product tested contained 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label. Among them are chemicals associated with hormone disruption and allergic reactions, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety.”

You may already be aware that many cosmetics are still tested on animals, even though humane alternatives exist. China requires perfumes and all cosmetics to be animal tested. Many major beauty companies test on animals to be able to sell products in China.

Here are some popular perfume companies that test on animals:
• Chanel
• Gucci
• Marc Jacobs Fragrances
• Versace
• Dior
• Dolce & Gabana
• Lancome (L’Oreal)

In perfumes, animal ingredients do not need to be labeled. Perfume manufacturers are allowed to include animal ingredients under “fragrances.”

Animal ingredients that are often used in perfumes are:
• Ambergris (from the sperm whale’s digestive secretions)
• Castoreum (from the castor sacs of beavers)
• Civet (excretions from the African cat-like animal)
• Hyraceum (feces and urine from the hyrax, a rabbit-like mammal)
• Kasturi (secretions from a male deer’s gland)
• Lanolin (sheep’s wool fat)
• Musk (from the glands of the male musk deer)

This is probably enough to make you rethink buying conventional perfume.

What do you think? Are you surprised that most perfumes contains toxins and are tested on animals?



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


About Dragons


Although dragons are most commonly associated with fire and air elements, they are true masters of all four elements of creation. This blend honors that by bringing in all of the elements while still paying homage to their most well-known qualities of flight and fire-breathing. Dragons are the most ancient creatures on Earth, bestowing us with great wisdom, if we tune in with humility. Dragons are far too often depicted as ferocious. Dragons live in a state of harmony and peace. They use their strength when they are defending the highest good of all. Dragons often hide in plain sight. When gazing at a mountain, see if you can sense a dragon’s presence.

What they can teach us

Dragons can teach us how to accept each other without judgment. And even more so, they want us to love each other for what makes each of us unique. As dragons have many colors that hold various qualities, they delight in the gifts, talents and perspectives that everyone has to offer. They are quite saddened by the current human condition of separation, judgment, endless factions, and labels. They inspire us to instead love one another with full acceptance and understanding that we all have a unique purpose to fulfill. All human qualities and abilities are needed to create a world of peace. The more we deny each other, the further we move away from a peaceful society.

Dragon Mantra

“I appreciate all those who are different from me.”
The dragon oil comes with this mantra. Say the mantra aloud to connect with dragons when using the oil. The mantra helps in understanding the essence of dragons and how we can embody their qualities.