A Message from the Fairies

On occasion, I will be posting messages I receive from the magickal creatures that they would like to share with humanity. Today’s message is from the Fairies. I asked them to share a message that is relevant for humanity right now.⁠

They truly do understand that we are living in difficult times. However, fairies are also living in these same conditions among us, and they are still able to remain joyful!⁠

Fairies truly embody the energy of joy! There is nothing that can take away a fairies’ joy. They have mastered the art of tapping into the heart flame that lives inside of all of us. ⁠

Joy is a state of being. It does not rely on anyone or anything else. It is completely within our control. Doesn’t that make you feel powerful? Because you are!⁠

In love and light,⁠